INFINITY SERIES features our exclusive TERAPEX Ceramics
The INFINITY Series is the FIRST ceramic cooker line in the industry to offer stainless steel hardware STANDARD.  INFINITY Series kamados are also constructed with our new exclusive TERAPEX Ceramics,which is more porous and more insulating than any of our previous ceramic blends.  The INFINITY Series comes with our industry leading LIFETIME warranty. THE GREEN EGG HAS A basic thin  (to Grill Dome standards ) ceramic dome manufactured as two seperate pieces. 

Our ceramics are almost TWICE as thick as our competitors!
Grill Dome ceramics are up to TWICE as thick as The Green Egg! Twice the thickness means more heat retention capacity and superior thermal efficiency compared to The Green Egg. Simply put, unless it is thicker and more porous than our ceramics...we can't be beat!

We don’t use glazes.  We bake on our paint.
Unlike many other ceramic companies that use glazes to protect the exterior, we bake on enamel to avoid the glaze-crazing that plagues other ceramic cookers. Each unit goes into the oven THREE times.A good question to ask our competitors would be "are you going to replace the glaze job if it crazes?" ... there is imply no easy way to fix the unsightly crazing and you are stuck with it.

PRECIX technology delivers better quality Kamados!
Our PRECIX manufacturing technology (formerly known as PXII) allows us to construct a precise and a symmetrically shaped ceramic unit every time without any ovalty and unwanted cross sectional variations. Our PRECIX technology is why our gaskets last many times longer than The Green Egg and is also why our lids don’t fall out of our hinges!

GRILL DOME does things FIRST! 
 Grill Dome continually improves its products through extensive research and development. An example of our innovation is our heavy duty stainless steel Auto Hinge that allows you to open a 80lb lid with just one finger unlike The Green Egg smokers that require two full hands on the XL model!

Pre-Assembled and ready to cook!
Unlike The Green Egg kamado , Grill Dome is pre assembled and ready to cook. With the Grill Dome you don’t have to spend hours assembling the unit while wrestling hinge assemblies. You are ready to cook once you unpack!  And the hinges are set perfect with our computer PRECIX system unlike  The Green Egg that is set by hand and adjusted many times untill right.

We are the manufacturer of the GRILL DOME and don’t get our product made by a third-party company like many other kamado companies.  This means we are able to manage the manufacturing process more efficiently by being integrated. You also won’t find us compromising quality for cost like other cost-consciousness companies. We continually implement improvements into our manufacturing processes, and are able to pass on the savings to our customers. Our reputation is to important to trust it to  a basic ceramic production house in mexico like The Green Egg does.  WE Invented,Desinged,And Build our cookerso we know every unit is PERFECT and the Gasket seals for a long life.  The Big Green Egg has a "90 day" warranty on there gasket because it does not seal ight, burning out the gasket due to mis-mached parts.

Downtown Pools and BBQs has tested many of these units and know the above statments to be true.  We test everything we sell due to our 25+years  in the buisness of making backyards into 
a relaxing oasis in the city that will rest your soul and relax your mind.  Our reputation is worth everything to us so we are required to say only the facts..