Going GREEN (Kamado VS Gas Grills)

Benefits/ Advantages of Owning a Grill Dome (Ceramic Grill) vs. a Gas Grill


Our premium real Lump Charcoal from the Ozarks of Arkansas is clean-burning and long-lasting with no additives or fillers….no shredded rubber tires or lighter fluids/ combustion agents like those found in Charcoal briquettes! Plus, Lump Charcoal is a renewable energy source! The unit can be lit quickly and the coals used again and again.


One of the more obvious benefits of owning a Grill Dome is the safety features and attributes. With a Grill Dome, you are using filler-free/ additive-free Lump Charcoal…which does not require lighter fluid, and does not include a combustion agent in it like Charcoal Briquettes. Charcoal briquettes require lighter fluid, which increases the fire risk and fire explosion when one adds more fluid to the hot coals. No combustion agents are needed with a Grill Dome!

Gas grills – obviously – use Gas or liquid petroleum (LP), and according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, gas grills carry a major risk of fire explosions and burns because the LP gas or propane is extremely flammable. Fires and explosions from LP gas grills are the main cause of injury. The National Fire Prevention Center has indicated that there are more than 7,000 fires caused by gas grills each year.  Many of those fires are explosion fires caused by leaking propane tanks, poorly installed gas lines to the grills, and operator failure in keeping gas running and trying to light the burners. Key holidays are prime time for gas grill explosions.

With a Grill Dome, there is no gas, no liquid petroleum, and no need for lighter fluid. The heat absorbing properties of Grill Dome’s category-leading TERAPEX ceramic (and twice as much of it) relegate the exterior temperature of the unit to 205 degrees, when the interior temperatures reach 525 degrees. It is a safer choice, in every way.


We have heard reports and read blogs on our Grill Dome forum about our avid Domers cooking for 36 hours on about 1.5 loads of charcoal….this is about what you would expect when keeping it lit for that long, and this would roughly equal 5 pounds of charcoal, which would cost about $5 or less. The 4-burner gas grills will all be in the 44-48k BTU range and you get about 420k btu's out of a 20lb tank, so that is about 9 hours of cooking time on high on a gas grill and about 18 hours at medium heat, I normally get about 12-15 hours out of a 20lb tank of propane, and propane is currently selling for about $30 bucks for an exchange. Fuel efficiency = cost efficiency!

You won’t get that level of efficiency when lighting and re-lighting a Gas grill, so the reality is, it'll cost you about 1/10th of what it costs to cook with propane. Speaking of lighting and re-lighting…With the Grill Dome all-in-one ceramic Grill/ Roaster/ Smoker/ Oven, you light the charcoal and get your grill to temp and then start cooking, there is none of this waiting until all the charcoal is lit to start cooking like there is with the kettle style charcoal grills. Additionally, once you finish cooking, you simply close down the top and bottom air vents and the fire will extinguish itself and the wood charcoal will be there available to use the next time - this is a huge difference between these type of charcoal grills and other charcoal grills because you cannot just shut it down and re-light it the next time. As noted, the ceramics use far less charcoal and produce far less ash than the kettle style charcoal grills. Here is a cost comparison:

(1)     (1) 20lb. Bag of Grill Dome Premium Lump Charcoal = $24.95 = 150 hours of grilling/ cooking time

(2)     (10) Gas/ Liquid Propane Tanks = $300 = 150 hours of grilling time

WARRANTIES – Internals of a Ceramic Grill Dome vs. a Gas Grill:

Inside the ceramic Grill Dome, there is nothing but a ceramic firebox, fire ring and grates. Unlike Gas Grills and Auger pellet grills, there are no flame tamers, no augers, engines, on-board computers, no igniters, no burners, no grease pans, no regulators, and no hoses. There is simply nothing inside that will wear out, so you can use a Ceramic Grill Dome your entire lifetime and not have to replace a single thing ever.  Unlike a Gas Grill with a 3-5 year warranty (and having to replace parts every 2-3 years), a Grill Dome provides an entire lifetime of grilling and smoking pleasure, and this is a simple fact … that you will never find these attributes in any gas grill no matter what price.

Grill Dome does also offer a lifetime warranty for all ceramic parts, a Lifetime warranty for all 304 Series Stainless Steel (Standard) hardware and parts (also, vs. 5 year warranty for parts for Green Egg, KJ and Primo), and a 5 year warranty on all gaskets vs. 30 days on Green Egg, Primo, and KJ gaskets!


Gas grill = 10 seconds….Grill Dome = 60-90 Seconds

Lighting a ceramic Grill Dome is done by opening the air chambers, opening the lid, adding in some lump charcoal, making a small cavity and lighting a fire-starter or activating our Rapid Lite accessory and dropping it into the cavity. All in all this process takes about 50-90 seconds and even less if you already have charcoal in it, which is usually how you'll find it as you hardly ever use all the charcoal when cooking. What is extremely important to take note of is the simple fact that the “Ready to Cook” time of a Grill Dome is far shorter than the “Ready to Cook Time” of a gas grill (425 degrees in 8-10 minutes!), because the internal heat remains consistent and absorbed in the interior ceramics of the Grill Dome vs. the 4 burner gas grill display. Simply stated, the Grill Dome gets hotter significantly faster, and remains consistently hot!

Easy to start in all wind and weather conditions, the thick Grill Dome TERAPEX ceramic insulation means that they need very little charcoal or oxygen, even in far northern winters. The thick sides retain and radiate heat very efficiently. That means less charcoal and oxygen are needed so there is not a lot of airflow out of the chimney. When meat heats up, a lot of liquid evaporates from its surfaces, and the more airflow the more the meat dries out. Since ceramics have low airflow, meat remains juicier. Other smokers have thinner walls and many leak a lot of heat so they require more charcoal and airflow, which means that airflow out the chimney and the poor seams carries away more moisture than the ceramics of the Grill Dome.

When you are done cooking, close the dampers, and it is easy to starve the coals and you have leftover coals for the next cook. The interior is more or less self-cleaning so it does not need to be scrubbed. The only cleanup is to brush the ash out the bottom, and scrape the cooking grates.


Due to the 3,000 year old design and the ceramic body (lid and base), and excellent vents, you can get the heat you need without the outside of the unit getting too hot. In fact, when the interior heat of the Grill Dome is a steady 525 degrees, the exterior surface is only 205 degrees. This offers a significantly safer cooking option than the thin-walled metal gas grills where the exterior temperature equals the interior temperature. This gives these charcoal grills excellent insulation, high efficiency, and the ability to steadily hold very high and very low temperatures making them perfect for grilling, roasting and smoking. The thicker ceramics create a grill that can deliver a great restaurant-quality steak, seared on the surface, and rare in the middle….nearly impossible to do with a Gas Grill.

Grill Domes are durable, sturdy, and have good support and quality components. No easily bent and dent-able thin metal exteriors as are found in gas grills. Also, our Grill Domes are 5 inches taller than our competitors, with a more rounded and superior design than any Oval design…the Primo Ovalty actually disallows for consistent internal heat throughout, with the outer rim of the primary cooking grate experiencing cooler temps than the middle/ interior.

Grill Domes come in a variety of sizes and colors (5 stock colors: Red, Blue, Black, Silver and Copper, plus infinite color possibilities through our Custom Color Program)…not just silver metal like Gas Grills!


Grill Domes are superb smokers and roasters, and the best outdoor ovens in the market today!  They are unmatched as backyard pizza and bread ovens because the sides and domes absorb heat and radiate it back like a professional brick oven so the pizza and bread can cook evenly and precisely.

What makes this unit great is that while it can produce high temperatures due to the focused heat of its ceramic shell, it can also hold low temperatures making it a great smoker. It's the versatility of Grill Dome that makes it stand out as one of the great charcoal grills of our time. With many accessories available there really isn't much our ceramic charcoal grill can't do.

Your ceramic will be up to temperature much faster than your gas grill, and you can easily expect that the ceramic will be to 750 degrees within 12-15 minutes, which is less than the 20 minute pre-heat time many people report for their gas grills. Additionally the ceramic retains heat much better than the gas grill does, so if you open it up to baste some ribs or apply some cheese to burgers, the ceramic will return to the set temperature in less than 30 seconds as there has been no loss whatsoever in the temperature of the ceramic. 


Comparing a 4 burner Gas Grill to an XL Grill Dome:

The gas grill has a larger primary cooking surface at 540 square inches vs. Grill Dome’s XL 400 square inches, but in reality you can easily cook for 15 or more people on 400 inches of grill space with the Grill Dome. Additionally, if you needed more cooking space on that rare occasion, you can easily use accessory racks/ Extenders to achieve a total of 680 square inches of cooking space.


Most of the brand name 4-burner gas grills out there cost $900-$1300, so this price range puts gas grills in direct competition with even the largest Ceramics units out there. The main difference is that Gas Grills wear out in 5 years, and will need to once again be replaced….the Ceramic Grill Dome will last a lifetime. Buy it once, keep it forever! Plus, you will spend $300 for gas propane tanks for the same amount/ duration of cooking time that you would get for 1 bag of premium lump Grill Dome charcoal that costs $24.95!

Here again the Ceramic has the Gas Grill beat. The ceramic Grill Dome will have an ash door at the bottom that has to be scooped out every now and then, as again the wood charcoal does not produce very much ash. 5 or so cooks can be completed without scooping the ash out. But the true benefit is cleaning the inside, as all you do is every once and a while, instead of closing it down after cooking to conserve charcoal, open it all the way up and it'll burn to more than 850 degrees and instantly burn everything inside to a white ash. In the morning your ceramic will be totally cleaned without a hint of grease anywhere that has not been turned to ash.With a Gas Grill, you have to continuously clean the inside and outside to remove grease and grime, cleaning out the grease tray at regular intervals, scraping of grates and flame tamers, and the removal and cleaning of burners to remove built up debris.